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Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama Appoints New GM CEO!

From the WH press release:

Sidona Arizona native Mitzi "Uhuru" Goldfarb-Bennington has a Masters Degree in Crafts from the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. As a distinguished Cornell graduate, like her contemporary Keith Olbermann, Mitzi will bring a fresh, sophisticated vision to the outdated model of running a major international automobile company.

Mitzi comes to us from a successful managerial career as the self-publisher of Terror for Tots, a primer on the horrors of Abu Ghraib at the hands of George Bush for the K-3 age group, and organizer of the PETA campaign to prevent the extermination of the endangered Norwegian Rat in six major American cities.

Ms. Goldfarb-Bennington is looking forward to her role as leader of this country's largest automobile maker. "My father tried to give me a Chevy Vega for my 16th birthday," Mitzi says. "And that's just not something you forget."

Mitzi plans to shift the GM lines over to electric cars as soon as possible, as soon as the technology permits. "Right now we're looking at D-cells, but on the other hand, with AA's you get more in the package."

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