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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Other Rule...

Think Progress is celebrating the success of a campaign to pressure UPS into pulling its ad buys off Bill O'Reilly.

Now I've never watched a complete episode of O'Reilly's show. I stopped paying much attention to him while he was subbing on Fox News Sunday and Joe Lieberman (aka the Other Slow Joe) talked circles around him while O'Reilly was busy flapping his arms and squawking and being Bill O'Reilly.

But since Rule of the Mob is apparently now the new rule, as the AIG workers found out from slimy Andy Cuomo, it's time to remember the Other Rule: when they attack one of us, they attack us all.

I've notified UPS that I'll be sending all my future personal and business shipping through FedEx. I'm just one man and one small business, but I'm not the only small man and small business. I wouldn't mind some company.


happyfeet said...

yes it can happen here I think

RebeccaH said...

I won't be using UPS for anything anymore either, not that they'll notice. But UPS is a shipping option for Amazon customers (along with FedEx and USPS), and if all of them stopped choosing UPS, they might notice after all.

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