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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better men than us...

Jeff Kirschenbaum passed away last Friday.

Jeff was perhaps the youngest soldier to hit the beach at Omaha on D-Day.

He was 14 years old.

He served throughout WWII with the US Army in Europe, and returned to service during the Korean War flying F4U Corsairs in the ground-support mission.


Greywolfe said...

God bless and Keep his family and friends. God bless and keep all who still survive him from that war.

I pray that his spirit will look down on us, and grant his courage to a new generation that is about to fight for it's very freedom.

rushbabe said...

Jeff, the patriotism you displayed so long ago isn't totally lost. My 12-yr-old daughter has a boy in her gifted ed class who can't wait to make the Army his career.

The other kids tried to dissuade him, but I told my child they should have been congratulating and encouraging him. I wasn't surprised to hear her say that she did.

RIP, Sir. Thank you for your service.

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