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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama tells woman Mom should die!

On. Freaking. Camera.

There is something wrong with this man. Something beyond the common politician's lust for power or the boomer narcissist's lust for approval.

When he was championing legislation to deny foetuses that survived a late-term abortion medical care, he actually suggested that abortionists should have the right to stick the babies in supply closets until they had the decency to die.

Now he suggests our senior citizens should be denied medical procedures, instead just taking a pain pill and sitting back to wait for their public-spirited death.

He must hear these words coming out of his own mouth... but he seems to have no idea why anybody might find them horrific.

What kind of emotionally-damamged sociopath have we elected? Will we ever learn what the hell shaped this freak?


Greywolfe said...

now we know what happened to his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

his last sentence is mom should take a "pain killer", know of any out of work political assasins?

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