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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ignobel Prize for Nonexistent 'Accomplishments'

The Poodle of Europe:
"Oo's a good widdle Pwesident then?
Oo's a good widdle Pwesident?
Yes, you are!
Yes, you are!
Does the good widdle Pwesident want a treat?"
Yes, he does!
Yes, he does!

Let's see:
Still in Iraq. Check.
Still in Afghanistan. Check.
Gitmo still open. Check.
CIA still permitted 'enhanced' interrogations. Check.
Renditions to unnamed foreign prisons still ongoing. Check.

There's just one real option. We have to start an immediate campaign to have George W. Bush awarded a retroactive Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course, Bush never bullied Honduras, so Obama's ahead of him there.
And Bush never sent paid mobs to assault his critics, so Obama's ahead of him there.
And Bush never screwed Israel, which always gets you big points with the Europeans.

So maybe Obama does have a slight edge for an award Yasir Arafat was once proud to accept.

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