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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Worm finds someplace new to crawl...

"On your knees before me, little man! We couldn't humble real
democrats like Roosevelt or Truman, but you-- piece of rice cake!"

If any of you remember the funny My Favorite Year, there is a wonderful scene where Mark Lynn-Baker, playing a young Mel Brooks working on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, takes Peter O'Toole, playing a drunken and over the hill Eroll Flynn, to his parents' home in Brooklyn. Naturally the neighbors freak out, including one woman from upstairs. Desperate to impress O'Toole with her sophistication, she shows up for supper in the fanciest dress she has -- her wedding gown.

Barack Obama owns that wedding gown. He is frantic to show the world what a sharp operator he is, but succeeds only in demonstrating again and again that he peaked at gauche nebbish.

Still, he's probably used to that position from all the time he's spent shining Rahm Emanuel's shoes...


Paco said...

Great analogy (and a great movie, too!)

Anonymous said...

It is actually a serious breach of etiquette to touch someone as you bow in Japan. I'm not surprised though that nobody on his staff would know this and inform him. Oh well, at least he hasn't challenged England's queen to a tennis match yet. As far as we know, anyway.

richard mcenroe said...

"They Mean to Win Wimbledon!" -- M. Python

RebeccaH said...

I thought the video of President Obozo bowing to the Saudi king made me angry. This photo makes steam blow out of my ears.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what dropped on the floor this time?

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