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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Steps On Own Dick, Recognizes Shoe

And halfway apologizes for linking Scott Brown and Chandra Levy one day after landmark election.

Warns us not to be "humorless scolds."

Glenn, you don't tell obscene jokes about a bride at her own wedding unless you're drunk.  You don't compare Scott Brown, a true candidate of the people, who knocked off a Senate seat owned by a genuine woman killing misogynist, to a philanderer who impeded the murder investigation of his mistress, on Brown's election day, unless your judgment is similarly impaired.

Ya fucked up.  Learn it, love it, own it, because the left is going to be throwing it back in all our faces for years... as in "Well, Glenn Beck said... "

UPDATE:  (5:00 pm Saturday)  Oops, it's started already: The New York Times quotes Glenn Beck on Scott Brown... to defend Keith Olbermann's attack on Scott Brown.  Smooth move, Glenn... you've provided cover for Ted Kennedy AND Keith Olbermann with one lip.  That's an achievement. (HT: Dan Riehl)

Wow.  Glenn Beck and Charles Johnson in the NYT in the same week.  What a banner day for the conservative blogosphere...


smitty1e said...

What an awesome title. Forwarding to Instapundit.

Anonymous said...

The Left throws everything that Glenn Beck says back at him due to their chronic condition known as Derangement Syndrome. It goes with the territory. They do it to Rush, Sean, and Bill. And no doubt, they will be out to protest O'Reilly and Beck during their tour stop at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. If Glenn and the others weren't providing valuable information, then there wouldn't be howling from the Left.

Frequent listeners of Beck, and even Rush, would recognize that he was being funny. Glenn seemingly rained on the parade...unless someone had watched his show.While I think it is appropriate to point out when we disagree with our own, we must guard from aiding and abetting the Left.

Beck continues to provide critical information about this Administration. He has energized folks across the country to stand up the Left. If he has an occasional minor misstep then I'll chock it up to human nature. He addressed this situation. Not everyone will be satisfied, unless you're from the Left, in which case, there would be much joy at Conservatives eating their own, "Look! They don't even like Glenn Beck! We're right! He's a clown! We win! Another conservative voice silenced!" I don't like when their plan comes together. Remember that one of Alinsky's rules is to marginalize the opponent.

Deborah Leigh

christian soldier said...

Anon-about says it all and brings in the Alinsky tie in ---so I do not need too...
Ok=I'll add --shooting at a Beck does our side no good...

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

It amazes one to realize the extent to which this silly country is susceptible to such blatant propaganda as spewed forth on a Daily basis by FOX Noise.

These are the days of America’s ultimate doom. When a clueless thought Nazi like Glenn Beck is able to hijack America political conversation, it only proves beyond a wisp of a doubt that America has swallowed the fatal capsule of its own demise.

Seriously, did you ever, in your weirdest, stupidest fantasies think your country would fall as low as it has? It kinda makes you wonder.


Tom Degan

richard mcenroe said...

My point is made.

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