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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Money Bomb for Illinois GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Adam Andrzejewski!

as Lech Walesa,legendary Polish champion of real democracy comes to the States to campaign for him.

Lech Walesa faced communist tanks, now faces Democratic Party in Illinois
It's a tragedy that it takes true freedom fighters and refugees from tyranny to remind us what America is supposed to be about.  Donate today, or donate soonest, or visit his site to see how you can help.

People, we can win across this country if we don't sit on our asses waiting for Michael Steele and the RNC to get off theirs.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if his name is harder than that nutjob that is pretending to run Iran! Anyone who can get a real freedom fighter like Lech Walesa to stump for him is the real deal. That he's good looking doesn't hurt. Anyone notice that Conservatives have better looking folks of both genders...even the kids.

Bombs away!

Deborah Leigh

Mahtomedi said...

Chi-town's Polish community is not to be taken lightly. Shame on the U.S. though for needing foreign imports, however honourable, to campaign for what should be obvious to all. On second thought: Lech Walesa for the Illinois U.S. senate seat!

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