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Friday, January 8, 2010

This Fool Thinks He's Accomplished Something...

...And he wants to make sure everyone knows about it...

So how's the mileage on that Teutonic Stink-pot on veggie oil, Mister Green? What's that? It's worse?

How much food was destroyed to produce your virtuous veggie fuel, Mr. Green? How many acres that could have been growing groceries were sacrificed to your vanity statement?

How many children went to bed without their spinach for your morning commute?

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Anonymous said...

With all the acreage being used for a specialized type of corn to make corn plastic (Yes, Virginia, there really is corn plastic), kitty litter, ect., we may face higher food prices because we'll have to import more food. By-the-way, corn based kitty litter is the best, especially for apartment dwellers like myself. I use World's Greatest Kitty Litter.

Deborah Leigh

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