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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Canada takes the gold in Olympic Women's Hockey.  USA takes silver, Finland bronze.

Canadian women.  Doing the jobs Canadian men won't do.

Sources report the Canadian women found several pairs of bilingual testicles abandoned in their locker room and promise to return them real soon...


J.M. Heinrichs said...

Apparently the US team was not available, so: http://www.ctvolympics.ca/hockey/news/newsid=51145.html#canada+thumps+russia+advance+semifinals
Note that you have Finland later today.


richard mcenroe said...

Russians,feh; Muslim hill monkeys can beat Russians.

And what can Finns POSSIBLY know about winter sports? *g*

Timmeehh said...

We'll see what you have to say after the final game.

richard mcenroe said...

Hm. What was the score of theUS/Finland game again?

hooligan said...

Let's see...Dicky says Canadian women are tougher than Canadian men...Canadian men beat US team for gold. Where does that leave your men compared to our women? Don't worry, the sting will wear off in a couple days.

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