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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hey! Remember that war in Iraq we never should have fought?

New Saddam-era mass graves containing hundreds of children each discovered in Iraq.

Earlier mass grave uncovered in Iraq.

Fuck John Kerry
Fuck MoveOn
Fuck Harry Reid
Fuck Nancy Pelosi
Fuck Governor Richardson
Fuck the Demcratic Party
Fuck Ron Paul
Fuck th the Libertarian Party
Fuck Hollywood
Fuck the Press
Fuck Ward Reilly
Fuck Ward Churchill
Fuck The Nation
Fuck The New Republic
Fuck Code Pink
Fuck Cindy Sheehan
Fuck the Churches
Fuck Nicholas de Genova 
Fuck Academia
Fuck Joy Behar and all who sail in her

Fuck anybody who ever says this is a war we should not have fought,


Anonymous said...

I try to abstain from using the f word in honor of the education that my parents so graciously gave me. However, certain times call for such language so....FUCK THOSE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A WAR WE SHOULDN'T HAVE FOUGHT.

There was the description of a mass grave a few years ago that haunts me...a toddler still clutching his ball lying next to his pregnant mother.

I saw a picture of other victims of Saddam. Children, parents, relatives, neighbors, friends all lying together contorted by the anguish of the gas. That picture is still in the glove compartment of one of my cars should the necessity present itself to "enlighten" a Lennon devotee.

Freedom to fight evil is more precious than any peace. Without freedom peace is tyranny.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

I waited a day to let my feelings cool down. Your right on target. Bless you for the thought, and bless the men and women who have made the world a better place - a place with one less monster.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are a truly ill educated jar head. learn synonyms, please. or don't breed...ever. thanks.

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