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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rand Paul and Lying "GOP" fraud Adam Kokesh discuss "their" campaign to "take back" the Republican Party.

THIS is Adam Kokesh:

The majority of Paul's money is coming from out of state.  The people of Kentucky DO NOT WANT him.  He is nothing more than a spoiler and a looter.

It's time Palin retracted her endorsement of this freak.  How will she explain her endorsement of Paul to her military son now?

Donate to ANYBODY except Rand Paul.
VOTE for ANYBODY except Rand Paul.
Even the DEMOCRAT.


Anonymous said...

The people of Kentucky "do not want him"? He's CLOBBERING Grayson in the polls by 15 points and the media is calling him the front-runner.


richard mcenroe said...

I'm following the money. 80% of Grayson's cash is raised in-state, 77+% of Paul's is coming from three deep blue East Coast states.

Anonymous said...

It's a mystery why people can't see him for who he is. I can't figure out how Sarah Palin endorsed him. Hope she withdraws her endorsement.

Deborah Leigh

theropingeffect said...

I'm with Sarah Palin in endorsing Rand Paul for Senate. He is a proven winner. I also endorse Adam Kokesh for Congress. Support veterans and freedom.

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