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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Has Putin Sold Nukes to Iran Yet?

Leaving Los Angeles... all over the place...

So the Iranians' "Peaceful" Busehr reactor is now up and running off Russian nuclear material.  Nonetheless, we are assured that Iran is still years away from having the Bomb and this Administration, by God, Allah and/or Barry, is on top of it.

Except that it may already be too late.

One of the facts about nuclear materials, even nuclear weapons, is that their country of original can be traced by trace elements in the materials... or their post-explosion residues.

Iran now has Russian nuclear materials.  Putin  now has deniability if he were to discreetly sell a couple of Russian-made nuclear weapons to the mullahs.  "Bozhe Moi!  Who Knew They Were So Far Along In Their Refinement Program?  We Would Never Have Sold Them Fuel If We Had Known That!  What a Tragedy About Tel Aviv... and Diego Garcia...."

It's hard to believe, but Vladimir Putin may have put something over on our sharp as a tack President...


Support The Troops said...

We should have bombed every site three times by now

Anonymous said...

Putin has plenty of motivation...revenge for the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Cold War, Berlin, and the fall of the USSR. But the temperance of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction that held both sides at bay during the Cold is lacking in Ahmadinejad. Like Fidel Castro during the '60s who was ready to sacrifice 400,000 Cubans for the Revolution, Ahmadinejad is ready to sacrifice whatever is required to bring the twelfth imam. Putin might be using Iran as a tool, while forgetting that the winds might bring the destructive fallout to his nation. Not to mention the political fallout.

Deborah Leigh

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