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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama's Economic Team Routing in Panic...

Obama economic adviser Lawrence Summers, best known for bankrupting the endowment of Harvard when he was dean, is resigning his post..

Herb Allison, head of the TARP bailout program, best known for keeping the TARP money on Wall Street where he could roll around in it nekkid on weekends, is leaving his position.

Something big is coming, something bad, and they do not want to be here when it hits...


Anonymous said...

Bet that big ugly cloud looks just like an "O" from space. It's destruction level is such that it makes a Catagory 5 look like a dust devil.

The rodents are fleeing the ship because they have finally seen that the Captain has no clothes.

Deborah Leigh

RebeccaH said...

Agreed. These guys have the survival instincts of cockroaches, and they're all starting to head for the door.

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