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Friday, October 29, 2010

Whitman, Brown in Dead Heat? Two Polls, Early Voting Returns Say Yes.

Surveys conducted by Hill Research Consultants and McLaughlin & Associates.  In a survey conducted on October 26 and 27, the race for the CA governorship is tied 43-43% with 4% voting third party and 10% undecided.

In a second survey by McLaughlin and Associates, from October 25-27, Whitman leads 44-43% withn 6% third-party and the remainder undecided.

In early voting returns, a McLaughlin survey on 10/28 showed 25% of polled voters already voting by absentee.  Whitman leads among these voters 43-40%.  Another 27% stated they would vote by mail Friday and Saturday; Whitman leads among these 48% to 43%.  Among those voting on Election Day, it is a virtual tie at 43% Whitman and 45% Brown.

I will post the hard-copy of the methodology when  I get to a scanner later today.


Old Retired Petty Officer said...

I live in California City, CA. It is in the High Desert, in Kern County. We do the mail in thing here. Our version of the sticks.
Mine went in over a week ago. I voted for Chelene Nightingale. Yes, I understand it does not help in preventing Moonbeam from taking the governor's mansion. But I have some issues with Meg. We are the same age and the only general election I missed was in 1976 due to my own mistakes with the absentee process. I was serving aboard ship and we were in the work up cycle in the Atlantic. She has not voted as an adult. By her own admission. I served from 73 to 93.
As for Moonbeam, I still remember his failed campaign in 76. The highlight of which was his girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt. Then there was his tour as mayor of Oakland. This city is pretty much a third world cess pool. Jerry Brown at his finest.
I voted my conscience and for a candidate whose values are close to mine. No regrets.
Besides, I have my blog to unload on moonbeam or meg such as the case may be!

Anonymous said...

Chief, first let me thank you for your service. I was born at the Naval Academy. But disappointed Daddy by going Army (Mom had been Army).

I understand your position. Most people should educate themselves on the candidate and vote because people died to give them the priviledge. The best response to that disagreement comes from Congressional candidate John Colbert of Pasasdena. Incumbent Democrat Adam Schiff criticized John for not voting earlier, to which John replied that he would rather have his clean voting record than the one that Schiff had amassed. Additionally, it seems that the "better late than never" should apply. People don't walk on water. Voting for Nightingale is aiding Moonbeam. I was a Poizner supporter, and very vociferously anti-Meg. However, the choices were made and now I have a choice to be part of the problem or solution. Third Party voting is just a "feel good" action, but means nothing. Please don't further exacerbate the problem by unloading on Meg. Which do you have more problems with Jerry or Meg? Take care.

Deborah Leigh

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