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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama says: "I expect this tax deal to improve the economy..."

"...but the GOP had to hold the American people hostage to make me do it."

Who. Writes. His. Stuff.


Anonymous said...

Democrats never miss an opportunity to take credit for someone else's work. Spinning a situation to make them look like the cavalry is what they always do. Too bad many more folks can't see the tactics being employed.

Didn't Obama say it was going to be a new day in Washington when he took office? Funny how he forgot the words to Kumbaya.

Deborah Leigh

ORPO1 said...

I wonder if he has been "doing some blow, occasionally", again?
His words at some point during the campaign in 2008.
Must be doing something to his brain.
Being constantly addled requires the idiots on staff to do most of the thinking.
Commie. Fag. Junkie. Courtesy of George Carlin, FM and AM, 1972.

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