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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have Attained Civility...

After finally clearing two months of backlogged orders, background check (frankly, I was sweating outing myself to flag@whitehouse.gov, back when) and the CA 10-day "cooling off" period.

Meet "Civility"

Uberti Cattleman "Callahan" .44 Magnum, 
blued steel frame, 6" barrel, target sights

And his older brother "Discourse"

1st Model Dragoon, cal. .44 percussion
case-hardened frame, 7½" barrel
(saving up for cartridge conversion)

I'll be having their barrels engraved next payday.


Anonymous said...

Civility is sure purty. Inaguration day coming soon. "Discourse" is handsome. Now the question is, what to engrave on them?

Deborah Leigh

JeffS said...


richard mcenroe said...

Just for the record: "Inauguration Day" in DebSpeak means "first range day" AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY POLITICAL EVENT WHATSOEVER!
As Robert Stacy McCain would say, hit the tip jar to buy Deborah a new thesaurus...

Minicapt said...

Snort ...


richard mcenroe said...

Minicapt -- Raht purdy. And I see you went with old man's eyeballs over historical accuracy in the sights, too... *g*

missred said...

oooooooo real real nice oooooo

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