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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thank You, Eric Alter! Special Needs Mother Tears Strip Off Obama in Invitational Column...

Obama was a bad President.  Among the 850 or so answers...

Asianeyes704 1 day agoCollapse
Hmm, where do I start. Obamacare will cut my FSA account from $4800 to $2500 by the year 2013.  As a single mother making under 50k with a son who is autistic, I cannot began to explain how that hurts me.  I have taken on a second job to ensure I will have enought money to continue his care and offset the huge tax bill given to me (especially since I can no longer deduct my medical expenses after you raised it to 10% of your income from 7.5%).   You are a terrible President when you take the only parent a special needs child has and forces her to be out of the home in order to keep the same level of care she has for her son!  You made me choose between memories with my son while he is growing or giving him the treatment he needs to be independant one day. How sad of a man and party you are!

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RebeccaH said...

Eric Alter is probably deeply regretting his editorial right about now.

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