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Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Got Published on the Anniversary of 9/11

"The Big Lie" ... a Truther comic published by Image Comics.  Click on their link for a bunch of other titles you should never buy again.

This is Rick Veitch, the creator...

And this is Eric Stephenson, the publisher...

Hopefully I've just saved my comics reading visitors a ton of money in the future...


Anonymous said...

My contempt meter just broke after hearing about this. The big lie is the spreading of lies like this. Anyone who thinks that this country, the greatest on the planet, could be capable of such an act should hit the door. Take it to Cuba or Venezuela, boys. To publish it near the anniversary is outrageous!

Sadly, the comic shop owners are forced to buy this lunacy, and can't return it. I would drop the entire line if it were my shop.

Deborah Leigh

william said...

Deborah Leigh,
The gene pool is polluted. That is why this drivel exists now.

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