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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's the FrankJ Book Bomb!

Wings Over Amazon — for Victory!

Hysterical IMAO blogger and improbable NY Post Columnist Frank J. Fleming is launching his new book today:
At just $1.99 this epic by the man whose sense of humor makes mine look like an SNL Bush joke is the literary bargain of the new century and an invaluable reference for anyone still trying to make up their minds about the 2012 election.

You know.  Slow people. With two bucks in their pocket.

Don't have Kindle?  Don't have a cow.  You can download free Kindle reader software for your computer at Amazon! You can even download a !free! sample!

Just don't want to do the Amazon thing?  Don't.  But here's a link to all the other places you can find FrankJ's book.

Frank is one of the good guys and a great writer who deserves our support.  Buy his book and who knows, he might even show you his kid's baby pictures (offer not valid at Penn State).

Do it today! Impress Amazon and his publisher with the commercial awesomeness that is Frank J. Fleming!


Anonymous said...

Wow! And all for less than a latte! Now that's a bargain! Wait...that means there would still be money for a latte! Make mine a Chai!

Deborah Leigh

Teri OBrien said...

Frank's book is terrific! He was a guest on my show last Sunday to talk about it, and I can't recommend it enough. You will SCREAM with laughter as you enjoy his clever satire, not juvenile and obvious stuff, but original and very very funny.

You can hear the interview here

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