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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Let's face it, folks, there are three lessons we have to take from the Iowa caucus last night:

1. People who meet Rick Santorum like and trust him.
2. Mitt Romney outspent Rick 100:1 and it bought him a lousy eight votes.  He is the Kim Kardashian of GOP politics.
3. ROBERT STACY McCAIN WAS RIGHT.  Not the Sunday morning pundits on any network. Not the 'respectable' bloggers like Red State ("Take me , CNN! Oh, God, take me, take me now!").  Not the Daily Caller with their attempted January surprise revelation of Santorum's Paulie nephew ("The Daily Caller regrets that Mike Tyson was unavailable for comment."). Not all the editorial pages or political analysts.  Robert. Stacy. McCain.  

So it's about time that paid off for him.  It's time to put an end to doing journalism out of a tip jar.  It's time for a campaign to get him on retainer to Fox or Levin or Limbaugh or somebody, as the on-the-scenes, on-the-ground old-school shoeleather reporter Stacy McCain epitomizes.

Surely some program at Fox has the budget for plane tickets and a stipend for Robert Stacy McCain.  They can afford Bob Beckel, for God's sake.

Stacy's not smooth and polished and TV plastic.  He's brash and opinionated and homely as a hickory walking stick.  But smooth and polished and plastic got it wrong, and hickory got it right.

Start contacting Fox today.  Go to the individual programs on the Fox news website and start contacting them NOW.

If we want quality journalism, someone's got to pay for it.


TC said...


Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... Stacy lost the mailing list for the Official Vanuata song. It sailed out the window somewhere in Iowa. He was going so fast that who knows!

Zilla/MJ said...

Hell yeah Stacy deserves a good gig, but I don't think even he can save Fox from itself, they are too mired in their own barely concealed leftism to want a genuine Conservative genius on their team.

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