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Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama Taking Church Fight to the Back Door...

If Obama's not in your face, Catholics, watch your back.  He's most dangerous when you can't see him.

Obama's ballyhooed climbdown on the "contraception mandate" is nothing of the sort.  Burned by the light of day, he is maneuvering into his favorite battleground, the shadows.

Look for an aggressive campaign of harassment and retaliation against the Church to begin now, everything from IRS challenges (Because the Church indulged in "political" speech from the pulpit) to increased EEO attacks (women obliged to carry a pregnancy to term are at an "unfair disadvantage" in the workplace) to a rash of unprecedented OHSA "health & safety" challenges at the state level coordinated from the White House.  I would not even be surprised to see "spontaneous" violent protests organized by the "Occupy" movement, SEIU, etc.

You do not thwart the petty arrogance of Barack Obama without paying a disproportionate price.  Watch and see.

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Zilla said...

I agree. DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!

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