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Monday, February 27, 2012

Remind Me Again Why I Need to Vote Republican

Former RNC Chairman Richard Bond (1992-1993) and long time associate of George H.W. Bush, has come out and endorsed Howard Berman, career Democrat, for the 20012 election in the Berman's district.
"By finding common ground with President Obama, 
the Republican Party can demonstrate its bipartisan spirit 
while creating a fissure among the Democrats." 
-- Richard Bond, Washington Post, 2009
Yes, he's that stupid.
Howard Berman.  Yes on Obamacare, Yes on Stimulus, Yes on Cap and Trade, Yes on the Democratic abuse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  

Richard N. Bond sat in his fine D.C. consulting office 3000 miles away from Berman's district, where Berman faces a tough fight after redistricting against Brad Sherman and numerous other candidates, and decided there was not one Republican who was a better choice for this country than Howard Berman.

Tell us again, oh, East Coast pundits and bloggers, how fucked up the CA GOP is.  Tell us again how you're going to take back the country and keep what's happened in California from happening to the rest of the country, when this is what you do to us. Tell us again, Newt, how the GOP is not writing off California.

And then rush right out here and hit us up for donations.  Bring a big bag, because we're going to be in such a giving mood....


Zilla said...

What a douche! Another prime example of why the GOP is called "the stupid party".
But don't blame me, an "east coast blogger", because I live in New York and my state's GOP is a bad joke - a fact that I have pointed out often.

richard mcenroe said...

It's bad enough we have to BE horrible examples; it's WORSE when no one who could DO anything about it pays attention.

This is all the evidence anyone could need that the rot in the GOP starts at the top.

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