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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Thousands of Texans went to work and school today in defiance of a night of frozen hell as hailstones the size of hail punished this once-temperate state.

The brutal Arctic storm tormented the residents of placid Medina County, long in the throes of a drought, with a, well, hail of water too hard and cold to farm with.

 Hailstones the size of hail—mothers, avert your eyes!

The embattled Texans responded by climbing into their pickups, semis, tractors and schoolbuses and going about their business with a puzzling lack of media attention, filing the Gaian affront under "If it ain't one damn thing..."


bruce said...

Yeah, just rub it in how you're living in a nice place while we all struggle with Clah'met Change.

Lil' Abner, how I missed yuh, thanks for reminding me. Only just realised how much was about starving in the Old Country.

kc said...

Huh. Hail the size of hail. Whoda thunk it.

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