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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i Can Haz Quarterly Earnings!

The Wall Street Journal posts some entertaining numbers on the Big Bux to Be Made Bloggging (Ask Me How!)

Now, admitting that I, with my readership in the high severals, don't rake in these acres of kale depresses me, but to cheer up the rest of you, I have identified several internet entreeprenoors who ARE paid more than their place in the universe suggests they could possibly be worth.

For example, green Shamwow! salesman Al Gore, shown here with his modest home and simple recreational vehicle...

Or famous structural engineer Rosie O'Donnell and several of the struggling small businesses she keeps open with the proceeds of her diligent opinionating...

Note: photo taken prior to issuance of restraining order pursuant to Hooters v. O'Donnell, New York Central Superior Court, for 'creating a creepy workplace environment.'

So it's a shame the WSJ didn't focus on the economic stimulus overpaid bloggers provide to the surrounding community.

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