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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ya Can't Fix Stupid...

...but you can find out how high it went.

Do we really believe a mid-level WH flunky was the angel on the top of this decision tree? Let's say, as I for one am not willing to do, purely for the sake of argument, that the unabashed narcissist in the Oval Office wasn't aware of this 'photo op,' was never told of it by lackeys scurrying to curry favor. Do you think a low-level flunky like Caldera was the top of the decision loop? Possibly Barack Obama was not aware of activities involving his personal ride, his biggest piece of Presidential bling. But Rahm Emanuel? His chief of staff? He never got the memo?

This raises disturbing questions about the decision-making process inside the Obama White House. If something this dumb can be authorized without the knowledge or approval of the President or his highest subordinate, what else is going on in Barack Obama's own office that he has no notion about?

"Beyond fucking stupid," a NYC firefighter who left his lungs and a 20-year career in the dust of Ground Zero.


Larry Sheldon said...

I read on another blog (old age takes its toll, I don't remember where) that one of the chase planes appeared to be from the Alabama National Guard.

Make that make sense.

richard mcenroe said...

Boy, will HE have a story to tell from his two-week drill!

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