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Monday, July 13, 2009

Deborah Leigh Update...

UPDATE: Many thanks to all you who have purchased merchandiase through Eagle Prints to help Deborah with her housing expenses since the death of her roommate. But many others have requested to know whether they could simply make a donation, a donation that is still definitely needed.

For you all, I've finally managed to install a PayPal donation link in the sidebar and here:

As with Eagle Prints, all proceeds go to helping Deborah with her rent.

Deborah Leigh, a longtime conservative activist and troop supporter in Studio City, and a good friend, just this week lost her roommate of 23 years without warning to congestive heart failure. Deborah is now facing serious financial difficulties with her rent and other prior emergency expenses. (People who've read her comments at Tim Blair and the Freep know she spent several months in the clutches of the VA with kidney failure).
To that end, I am donating all proceeds from my online store, Eagle Prints, to Deborah until such time as she is back on her feet. I invite you to visit there and chip in to help out someone who's been fighting for you for nearly eight years now. I hope you see something you like.

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