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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's Sarah Palin and We Approve This Message

MoveON, the same friendly patriotic group that gave us Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Barack "I throw like a girl" Obama, is now organizing a campaign to drive Sarah Palin from public life entirely,thus proving that she is still the threat to their interests they claim she isn't. After all, when was the last time MoveON organized a campaign against a real political powerhouse like Newt Gingrich?

They're started with an orchestrated write-in to the Washington Post to condemn her recent editorial on cap and trade.

As the recent manufactured "popular" protests in support of the Obamakill "health" program show, motivated conservatives can meet. outnumber and oppose these shills. So write, fax (202-334-7685), e-mail (national@washpost.com) or call (202-334-7300) the Washington Post today and voice your support for Sarah Palin and OUR message!!

UPDATE: Dan Riehl weighs in with some Sarah polls numbers.

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christian soldier said...

Thank you for the tip on Mark Reed...

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