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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fuck You Very Much, Mistah Commander in Chief. Sir. (11)

"...the House bill as it stands today still would not, repeat, would not exempt veterans who receive VA healthcare from the punitive 2.5 percent tax that the bill would impose for failure to have “acceptable coverage.

...The current House bill would also create a disincentive to hiring members of the National Guard and Reserve by levying an eight percent payroll tax penalty against employers that do not provide continuous health coverage to its employees. Continuous coverage for National Guard and Reserve members is not always necessary because they frequently transition to and from active duty where they have access to TRICARE."-- Steve Buyer, House Veterans Affairs Committee

We have troops in combat overseas and Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are promising to monitor them as potential terrorists, to tax their health care, and to cut their benefits to their dependents. Do they really think the troops don't notice this?

How do people this dumb breathe without assistance? How do people that dumb manage to vote for them?

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christian soldier said...

thank you for this post and the Yon post...I'll pass them on ...

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