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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Governor Sends Texas Rangers to the Border!

While the Obama Administration arrogantly fumbles with intruding the government into aspects of our lives for which it has NO Constitutional mandate whatsoever, the situation along the Mexican Border has decayed to the point where local law enforcement and the the understrength Border Patrol are simply overwhelmed.

While shelling out billions of dollars to destroy perfectly serviceable second-hand cars, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress somehow cannot find the funding to deploy available National Guard troops to their own border.

As a result, Governor Perry is reverting the legendary Texas Rangers, currently an elite investigative body, to their historic role as a state paramilitary body and law enforcement for those hard lands where the law has failed. Predictably RINO Kaye Bailey Hutchison has condemned the move.


Greywolfe said...

I posted on this one too. I wonder if we can talk perry into running for President. He would be a Hell of a lot less embarrassing than the mook we currently have in office.

christian soldier said...

Thanks-I 'swiped' it --

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