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Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama Losing Even Less Sleep!

Ht: JammieWearingFool

A pitchfork and torchbearing mob like something out of the early 21st century is set to confront Barack Obama as a witches' brew of lefty groups plans to protest an Obama fundraiser for Governor Deval Patrick.

The event was aleady an embarrassment for the President, as even his august presence was not enough to guarantee a sellout, leading to speculation that the bloom is off the Obama rose among Democrat donors.


Anonymous said...

Top signs that not only the bloom may be off but that the rose may be wilting:
*mobs protest the first Black President
*Lefties equate Obama with Bush
for his Afghanistan policy
*Obama can't sell out a fundraiser, but he
can sell out the troops and America
*White House wages war on FNC and main stream
media backs FNC

Deborah Leigh

kc said...

If it wasn't so scary...and pathetic...it'd be downright HILARIOUS!

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