Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Friday, October 30, 2009

LA Laker Girls at Operation Gratitude!

Several members of the Los Angeles Lakers organization showed up last Sunday for the Operation Gratitude boxing and shipping session...

...along with a couple of tall skinny guys who were something to do with the team...

...and Laker Girls. Did I mention there were Laker Girls?

I asked these Laker Girls if they could talk to the front office about all those tall skinny guys on the court who kept blocking the view of the dancers. We smiled, we laughed, they called security... it was a thing, we had a thing, y'know?
Here's a Laker Girl with the troops' biggest cheerleader, Caroline B. of Operation Gratitude...

This is not a Laker Girl or point guard, but she is wearing a stylish Operation Gratitude T-shirt, available from the Operation Gratitude store! Proceeds send more packages to the troops!

And there was food...

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