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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another RINO poached by True Republicans?

Conservatives were outraged when Mark Kirk, one of the notorious Gang of Eight Republican Congressmen who passed the Cap and Trade Bill for Nancy Pelosi when she could not round up enough votes in her own thieving pack of scavengers, was anointed by the RNC as "their" candidate for the Senate seat from Illinois, at the specific request of Dem-Hag John McCain in his oiliest reach around across the aisle dementia.

Now it seems that Michael Steele is withdrawing his endorsement of Kirk.

It remains to be seen whether Steele's putative attack of conscience/common sense will be reflected in RNC policy. Spokesmen for the RNC have told NBC News that the RNC never officially endorsed Kirk, in spite of such public statements as:

“I’m so excited about Mark Kirk and his race,” Steele said on a WLS radio show. “We were all kind of sitting around with bated breath as he was making his decision, a very personal decision, a family decision, to run for the Senate.”


"Congressman Kirk is an exceptional candidate and is clearly the frontrunner in this race," RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski told NBC. "This is a targeted race we plan to win and once Kirk wins the primary we will be fully engaged."

The RNC traditionally does not get involved in primaries, but, "the National Republican Senatorial Committee has endorsed Kirk."

The divorce-plagued Kirk, with questions about his marital failure circling around in a manner reminiscent of those that destroyed the senatorial campaign of Jack Ryan in Illinois, is a member of numerous 'moderate to liberal' "Republican"groups such as the Republican Main Street Partnership, the Republican Majority for Choice, Republicans for Choice, the Republican Leadership Council, and Republicans for Environmental Protection.

It is not clear how he reconciles his 'moderate to liberal'ism with his past public statements suggesting we could stem illegal immigration by sending millions of condoms to the poorer areas of Mexico to reduce their population, or his calls to shoot the governor of Illinois and Barack Obama, although it is claimed on the latter that he mean 'Osama' and simply mis-spoke.

He also claims that he voted for the Cap and Trade because "it was in the narrow interests of my district" but that if elected he would screw his district over anyway by voting against Cap and Trade in the Senate.

If the RNC and more importantly the NRSC with its checkbook back away from this backstabber, it would send an important message to the voters that the party has finally begun to favor competence over club membership.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Kirk is a JERK, he's from my district. He's very rich on his own, but if Steel truly cuts him loose, this is good news.

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