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Friday, November 6, 2009


Given this "man's" performance evaluations and the statements he is on record as making, what was he still doing in the army? A caucasian or Christian officer with a track record of making similar comments would have had a Form 201 that could have ended the career of General MacArthur...


Paco said...

That is my big question, too. I understand he was proselytizing at Walter Reed, and had received a poor evaluation. Why transfer this turd to Ft. Hood?

Nilk said...

Maybe they wanted to promote him out to get him out of the way. I've done that here in civilian situations, but you can't afford to do that in the forces.

Plus it wouldn't look good if he got the boot. He'd just go to CAIR and play the racist card.

There's a reason I don't like the idea of muslim health professionals, especially mental health ones.

The shrinks are all batshit crazy in the first place, and when you throw allah into the mix you're asking for it.

(WV: inabl lol)

Attila Girl said...

How is he not Caucasian? He doesn't look black or Asian to me.

richard mcenroe said...

He insisted on his enlistment application that he was Palestinian. I'm willing to grant him the discourtesty of his birth.

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