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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A bad night for Barry...

"Holy S***! Look at all the F***in' Indians!"

I'd have hidden in my room and watched TV, too.

New Jersey -- Republican governor, in spite of everything Obama and SEIU could do to save it for Corzine... and by a higher margin than the Republicans took the office in 1993.

Virginia -- Republican, from the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, and on down deep into the political structure of the state... and by a higher margin than Republicans took the office in 1993.

New York -- The GOP powerbrokers in the state and the NRCC humiliated by a spontaneous uprising of the base and the defection of their own million-dollar handpicked candidate (OUR million dollars, Republican voters) to the opposition party. Slow Joe Biden couldn't even fill a hall.

This was a good night for conservatives, GOP or independent. We won, against the Obama machine and the ineptitude and corruption of our own leadership. We won, because the voters heard the Democrat message and ours and chose ours.

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