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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Rule 5 Wronwright Valentine...

As many of you already know, I was one of several bloggers who started up their own blogs after Australian blogger Tim Blair's independent site was co-opted by the journalistic plutocrat Rupert Murdoch.

Blair's site was and pretty much remains a popular hangout of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and an altar to our worship of Our Dark Lord Rove.  And Wronwright is and was one of the most respect... one of the most pop... everybody knew Wronwright.

But nobody ever knew quite what to do with him.  So we put him in charge of the VRWC motorpool.  Credit where it's due, nobody could detail a black helicopter like Wronwright.  On the other hand, leaving him in charge of the keys meant you had to find the damn thing to admire it first, and good luck with that.

Wronwright's penchant for vehicle theft impromptu road trips extended to other bits of VRWC hardware he had custody of.  Like the subterranean lake drainer that caused that stink in Russia.  Like the lunar laser hurricane cannon, a $300-billion system with a $39.95 sight from the Cabela's catalogue and no we don't know what Wronwright did with the phased array targeting system.  Like the Secret Jew Anti-Ambulance Rockets.  Like the Seismic Disrupter.  Like the TARDIS.

Oh God, don't get me started on the TARDIS.  Listen, you know all those weird bits of history that don't seem to make any sense?  Yeah, well, we're real sorry about those but there isn't much we can do about it.  Wronwright's changed the locks on the damn thing and he frankly has too much seniority to transfer him out of the motor pool.  Michael Steele just whines and bursts into tears when we suggest it.  Granted, Michael Steele whines easily but you see the magnitude of the problem.

Anyway, what you are about to see is TARDIS black box video of one of Wronwright's recent jaunts I unearthed while trying to cover up ameliorate the consequences of his little adventure (Yeah.  'Amerliorate' the fall of Constanople, no pressure...).

In any case, all I'm cleared to tell you is that this started with Wronwright taking the TARDIS to Sturgis for bike week and meeting some friends...

And just let me say Wronwright has never looked more dashing than he does here as he leads the way through the door...


RebeccaH said...

That looks suspiciously like the party we had at Tim Blair's, the last time he went on a speed-record tour.

christian soldier said...

particularly liked the various -affore mentioned-and direct links...hand-credit murdoch-and et.al.
and--the vid links to the Vikings where true history was revealed...thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Wron never did pay the bill for the damages. They were especially upset about those curtains. Good thing it wasn't current times or there would be therapy for the ladies, not to mention the lawsuits from the various femeNazi groups.

Thanks for reminding me of that great party, RebeccaH. Good times!

Deborah Leigh

Mr. Bingley said...

Tim really needs to travel more and give us the keys to his place again...

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