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Saturday, May 15, 2010

John McCain - “Doctors Make Too Much Money” (1984)/John McCain - 'Medicare Cuts...irresponsible...a price Americans should not be asked to pay." (2009)

HT: Take Back Medicine:

"My activism, such as it is, begins with those very words, on the very day they are uttered

The year: 1984. The Reagan Administration is at the helm. I learn that the newly instituted Prospective Payment System(“DRG’s”), which pays hospitals a flat fee based on theadmitting diagnosis of a Medicare patient, irrespective of length of stay or intensity of service, is creating significant problems with respect to proper medical care. A physician tells me he fears a patient died due to these novel cost control measures. I learn of a woman who cannot walk across her hospital room because she has not been provided with the oxygen she requires.
The Maricopa County Medical Journal, Roundup, mentions John McCain, saying he is a “friend” of Medicine.

In my untutored, apolitical, naïve state, I decide to alert this man to a problem I fear he does not - could not - know exists. (After all, I still believe the Government is here to help us.) Learning that McCain will speak at an open public forum at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, I make my first foray into the public arena. Sitting on the balcony, one of my Medicare patients at my side, I express my concerns about the deteriorating care caused by this novel rationed payment system (for hospitals - NOT doctors) known as DRG’s.

After I speak my piece, the first words out of McCain’s mouth are these: .
''Out of Control Medical costs are “all doctors’ fault.” ‘Medical care is chewing up a larger and larger percentage of the national budget, hampering our competitiveness as a nation.’ He says ‘we need to solve the problem.’

I rebut, telling him I agree that we have to help control costs, which is why, from my first day in practice, I have told patients who inform me of a financial problem, to “pay what they can afford” of my fee.

The red-faced McCain shrinks one foot on stage. People ask me for my card when the meeting ends. Shocked and surprised by McCain’s unexpected vitriol, I plan a speech to the hospital staff, imploring them not to join the Health Plans that are just beginning to inundate Arizona. My ‘mission’ begins."  -- Joseph Scherzer, M.D.

John McCain, 2009 -- “Today I introduced my amendment to address the Democrat’s drastic and dramatic cuts to the Medicare program under their so-called ‘health care reform’ legislation,” said Senator John McCain. “My amendment would send this legislation back to the Finance Committee with instructions to report the bill to the Senate without these irresponsible cuts...Simply put, these Medicare cuts will impacts senior’s access to quality care. This is a price that American’s should not be asked to pay.”

Just say anything, Johnny... we'll never notice the difference.
JD Hayworth's link is down below.

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peny113 said...

''Out of Control Medical costs are “all doctors’ fault.”

Hey is he sure of this? or is he just committing a hasty generalization on doctors. Generalizing these men and women in white scrubs are such a wrong thing to say specially nowadays that doctors are one of the direct and indirectly affected by the health care reform.

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