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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mojave Veterans' Cross Stolen!

Despite Supreme Court ruling declaring it legal.
Yeah, quote me Roe v. Wade again sometime soon...

"The National Park Service says someone cut the metal bolts holding the metal-pipe cross to the top of Sunrise Rock and made off with it Sunday night or before dawn on Monday.

Veterans groups say they’re outraged at what they consider the desecration of a symbol that was erected in 1934 by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to honor World War I dead."

HT: Deborah Leigh  Link: This Ain't Hell...

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Anonymous said...

The theives will pay for this sacrilege. Probably not in this life, but....They might have done us a favor, because now we can erect a bigger cross.

Wonder if anyone has offered a reward?

Deborah Leigh

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