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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tragically defective Subaru...

Look. It's a freaking Subaru. In Los Angeles.  The ofiicial car of soccer moms, suburbanites, tree huggers, yuppies and all the other bourgeois Obama-voting hothouse flowers...

So what the hell went wrong here?


Dan Collins said...

Subarus aren't responsible for the people who drive them.

richard mcenroe said...

But...but... if guns cause violence and oil wells cause pollution,why don't Subarus cause leftists?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this Subaru was rehabilitated. It can happen. Just ask Robert Downey Jr. who joins the line of former Lefties. Isn't Keith Richards part of the club?

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Freedom? That's the whole problem with this country, it's ungovernable!

-Johnny the Liberal

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