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Monday, July 5, 2010

An interesting Fourth of July note...

As a Democrat for over 30 years before I gave up on the party, I'm still on most of the mailing lists.

Funny thing, not one Independence Day e-mail to all us good Democrats from any of them.

Not from John Vogel at the DCCC.
Not from John Kerry.
Not from Rose Kapolczynski at Barbara Boxer's campaign.
Not from Nancy Pelosi.
Not from Joe Biden.
Not from my Congressman Howard Berman.


Just sayin'...

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Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be such a surprise. Certainly one would have thought that since it's an election year that the Democrats, especially the candidates, would be out and about presenting the facade of affection for our nation. However, why celebrate a country that the Party's agenda is so dedicated to changing?

The Studio City, CA chapter of the socialist group Neighbors For Peace and Justice waded in a flood of hypocrisy last Friday night. They waved old glory, yet just a few years ago referred to as the symbol of greed, war, and injustice. The stars were replaced with corporate logos or the peace symbol. While we can't confirm any affiliation with their group, but a man with a stroller yanked over our beautiful display of "Support the Troops & Freedom Isn't Free" banners surrounded by American and military flags before quickly disappearing around the corner. Funny that they had just dispersed....

By-the-way, the humble proprietor of this great blog, Richard McEnroe, erected that beautiful display. It was truly magnificent!

Deborah Leigh

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