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Saturday, July 10, 2010

So... A Lame Duck Congress...?

Democrats run home early so they won't have to vote on real job-killing bills (their jobs).

So Obama, Reid and Pelosi, along with lesser and even dimmer Congressional lights like Jay ("Bush used psychological pressure on me") Rockefeller, Chris ("Waitress, there's a fly in my pants") Dodd and Barney (deleted out of sheer disgust -TBL) Frank are planning a sore-loser's frenzy of a lame duck session after the midterms, when the outgoing grifters think they will have nothing to lose.  Never mind that we don't want these bills and they KNOW we don't want these bills or they wouldn't be hiding from them.

Items back on the table include card check for union voters, federal voter registration, cap and trade, and all the pork low-rent thieves like Spector, Rangel and Bennett can carve up between them, to be doled out so their friends back home will take care of them in their dotage...

If,of course, they ever dare go back home...

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