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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obama is Kenyan for "Passive-Aggressive Bitch"...

 I mean, what the hell is wrong with that man?!


"Obama snubs Boy Scouts of America

"This guy is such a scumbag! It is with tremendous sadness that I send this to my friends, unfortunately this information goes a long, long way to confirm the worst possible motives behind the man who fooled so many gullibleAmerican people into voting for him.

"The story you heard yesterday about President Obama refusing to sign Eagle Scout Awards is true.

"He won't sign life saving awards either.

"Every President since 1912 has been the honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America.

"President Obama refused that honor.

"Did you hear anything about the Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary? Why did the press ignore it? Let's see, they promote honor, integrity, putting others first, love of country and of course they believe in God.

"Not much press coverage on this story, the first president in 100 years to insult his finest citizens, Eagle Scouts.

"David Haynie has two sons who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

"Dave Hiser's son is working on his Eagle Scout award now.

"This is the E-mail Linda Thacker, sent to Glenn Beck and I forwarded to Glenn's producer Adam.

"Dear Mr. Beck,

"On March 24, 2009 I had the honor of attending my Grandson, David Osborne's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I imagine you have attended one of these wonderful ceremonies. I also feel confident that you are very knowledgeable of what it means to have earned the status of Eagle Scout. Our entire family is so very excited and at the Court of Honor we were all just beaming as our wonderful young man was honored for his achievements. After the Court was closed David's leaders pulled him aside and explained to him that they regretted to have to explain to him, as sad as it is, that his certificate was different from others they had presented because his certificate did not have the signature of the President of the United States . They explained that Obama does not support the Boy Scouts of America and therefore does not sign the Eagle Certificates. To date I believe there may be as many as 10,000 of this countries finest young men who do not have the signature of the president of the country they have taken an oath to respect and serve on their Eagle Certificate. To my knowledge Congress chartered BSA in 1916 part of which the President of the United States is the Honorary President of The Boy Scouts of America and President Obama is the first sitting president to personally refuse to sign these certificates. I believe if the country were to be educated on national television of what the Boy Scouts of America stands for they would join those of us who already know, and would be as outraged as we are!

"Also, your good friend Jim Lago was also in attendance at this Eagle Court of Honor. I had the privilege of speaking with him this morning on his radio talk show here in Corpus Christi and shared with him this same information. He was equally alarmed to say the least.

"This information should ignite in every parent the urgency to instill the great values held by the Boy Scouts of America in their young men for the cause of maintaining this great nation. We must stand united.

"With appreciation, Linda Thacker, grandmother to eleven of Americas finest future citizens, David, Erikka, Adam, Ryan, Hailey, Tygh, Mana, Gerritt, Maya, Ezra and Lynden Osborne.

So, that's the story thus far, calls have been made, citizens are angry, especially the parents of Eagle Scouts.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if ex-president Bush announced, he would be willing to sign all Eagle Scout Certificates for as long as President Obama is in office?

"We have a very small man in a very big office.

"Don't you think it's time to get rid of this Un-American Muslim Traitor and get a real American back to running our country, like what we grew up with. Because I have had enough.

"The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet than live on his knees."
-- George Washington"


RebeccaH said...


Amusing Bunni said...

This sucks, I've had enough of this jerk too.
What a sorry ass bastard.
There might be a silver lining, tell the scouts to cheer up, because who would want anything signed by that bum, except his resignation.

Anonymous said...

Snopes says it's not true, though -- although there was an administrative mixup, probably while Emanuel was trying to decide if this was a Scout crisis to be exploited:


richard mcenroe said...

Sadly,Snopes has been caught out 'misrepresenting'on behalf of this administration on several occasions.

And "administrative error" ="shit, we got caught." 10,000 administrative errors? Really?

Anonymous said...

The best way to verify is call the national Boy Scouts HQ. I wouldn't trust Snopes. If this is true then RebeccaH and Amusing Bunni, I couldn't have summed it up better.-Deborah Leigh


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