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Saturday, July 24, 2010

"What part of AAAAAAAARGH! do you not understand?"



Computer comes back from Acer.  They reinstalled the OS.  

OK. So.  I figure they must have had a reason.  What I didn't figure was, they reinstalled Internet Explorer.  Active.

Now, I've long known that working in Explorer is the equivalent of  a blonde D-cup sorority pledge getting drunk at her first fraternity kegger.   No good can come of it.  Before this, I've deleted it from every PC I own.  I haven't been able to delete it from Windows 7 (suggestions as to how gratefully accepted) but I at least switched it off.

It came back switched on.  I found this out Thursday night.  I was busily typing away when suddenly these Explorer windows start popping open, advertising porn sites and a bogus virus-protection offer.  I can't shut them down.  I try to open my malware and antivirus programs but it won't let me.  I finally wound up going back to a previous restore point and turning back time on the whole machine to get rid of them.  So far it's worked.

Luckily, I didn't lose much data but really.  I'm THIS CLOSE to sticking an iBook skin on this thing and passing it off on a Mac user...

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