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Monday, October 18, 2010


California Incumbent Refuses to Debate Challenger,
Blows Off Dinner Honoring Law Enforcement, Firefighters
in His Own District

Longtime Congressional incumbent Brad Sherman (D. - 27th District, CA) has been keeping a low profile this election year.  Save for a couple of carefully scripted Potemkin Town Halls in front of pre-packed safe crowds of union members and government workers, he's been largely invisible in his district.  

He continues to refuse to debate his Republican challenger, Mark Reed.  

He has little or no visible ground game in his district.

Now he has blown off an annual event, the Woodland Hills American Legion dinner honoring the law-enforcement and fire-fighters of the year in the community, that he had committed to attend.

Mr. Sherman seems to have a problem with meeting the voters of his district this year.

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Anonymous said...

Sherman blew off the American Legion Law and Order dinner after requesting to be there. Must have heard the Dem Mother (Nancy) calling. He didn't even send a representative. Sure is a lame duck.

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