Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My relaxing and totally apolitical weekend -- AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Saturday, up at 5:30

Morning Session at Operation Gratitude.  Working the tape line sealing packages.  Cutting-edge 3m taping machines.  Cheap Chinese tape.  You do the math.  Wound up running back and forth around the gummed up machine with armloads of packages.  Flesh against Steel! Man against Machine! Manly Men Doing Manly Things with other manly man in Manly Ways! Did I mention we did 6,000 packages in the previous thread?

Lunch and then off to work a street corner GOTV operation with a giant Merlin Froyd banner and a smile. Four hours in the bright California sun.

Dinner, then GOTV phone banking at Burbank GOP HQ 'til 8:30.

Sunday, up at 5:30

Off to stand outside St. Charles Borromeo church handing out pro-life endorsement flyers for candidates 'til 2 p.m.

Then off on a whirlwind tour of my end of the San Fernando Valley replacing trashed or stolen campaign signs.

Dinner, then GOTV phone banking 'til 8:30.

And if my ass is dragging, I can't imagine how tired  Merlin Froyd must be.  He's visited over 15,000 homes in his district personally canvassing for votes, plus dealing with the press, plus dealing with the GOP leadership... he's a little guy, but he's a tough little guy, smart and honest, and California could do way worse.  Lord knows, we have before...


Anonymous said...

If more people put in a fraction of Richard's effort, we would be better off. Many people think that it is up to someone else to work for their liberty. Don't get me started. Well, the hours are ticking down til we get a bit of respite from the race. Next time, some of you help us out, please. In the meantime, hit the tip jar in appreciation.

Deborah Leigh

christian soldier said...

RE:Operation Gratitude-my friends and I enjoy "working' at the Armory...filling boxes-writing notes ..etc.
Have you heard about Valour IT-
voice computers for our BEST w/ hand and arm injuries...

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