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Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama Budget Tragedy!

Following the White House release of a budget that would single-handedly increase the national deficit by over 7 trillion dollars, despite Obama's promises to practice fiscal responsibility, medical authorities today pronounced the Obama Administration dead on arrival.

"They didn't even try to take care of themselves," complained the Medical Examiner, blaming the Adminstration's passing on its bloated and indulgent lifestyle.  "What, they couldn't even release this stiff on a Friday or weekend like they did with everything else they've done?"
Obama budget being carried out for transport to an undisclosed Virginia landfill where it will lie in State until the Administration thinks no one is looking.

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Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors, just more smoke and mirrors.
But everyone is expected to admire the Emperor's new clothes.

As someone stated today, the budget arrived with a thud. It isn't just the Republicans that are upset with this. The Democrats are jumping on board too. Clinton's budget advisor said this was a disaster.

Deborah Leigh

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