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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For those of you who prayed for Christina Maria

The operation was apparently extremely successful.

Christina was born with a hyperplastic heart condition, in which, as this layman understands it, part of the heart was not fully developed.  She was lucky, however, in that the valve for the left side of her heart, though undersized, was functional and working, so she had much stronger circulation than most babies born with this condition.

She was operated on at UCLA Medical, and her chest will have to remain open for two days for the swelling from the surgery to go down, but the doctors are very satisfied and optimistic for her outcome.

One of the doctors told her family, "You're lucky she was born in this century."  I have no intention of belaboring her uncle, my coworker with politics, but I'll add she was lucky to be born in this year, before Obie's medical bureaucracy kicks in.

Your prayers and well-wishes are deeply appreciated.

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No Sheeples Here! said...

What a tremendous joy it is for me to see that her prognosis is a good one. It is the perfect ending for my day. God be praised.

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