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Monday, July 4, 2011

Alyssa Milano Heartbroken Over Cad Blogger Stacy McCain!

Sexy "Charmed" star Alyssa Milano is reportedly heartbroken over her virtual abandonment by neoConfederate scoundrel Robert Stacy McCain following his long cyberstalking/courtship.

Milano was reported by close friends and associates to have been 'absolutely devastated' when she learned of the unregenerate secessionist's torrid fling with Selma Hayek and their scandalous love child, first through The Camp of the Saints Blog despite attempts by the nicotine-stained scribe to hide his tracks.

To date, spokespersons for Milano said, the star has not heard directly from McCain about the scandal.
An indignant Selma Hayek denied all knowledge of McCain's prior relationship with Milano.

"That cracker peeg! To think he would throw over that poor young girl for an older but much wealthier woman!  I am ashamed I ever let him hit my tip jar!"

McCain had no comment on the remainder of Ms. Hayek's statement, in which the words cabron, maricone and desaparecido figured prominently.

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Bob Belvedere said...

Though Stacy is a friend, the truth was more important. The truth will out [whoever Will is].

My staff is currently preparing his obit as our source of a source of a friend is reporting the Mrs. Other McCain has recently bought ammo.

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