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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chris Matthews' Racist Slur on Native Americans!

UPDATE: Native American Congressional Candidate Mark Reed Slams Matthews: "I was the elected candidate (GOP Primary:TBL) for Congress in 2010. I'm running for congress in 2012. I'm American Indian, Mohawk and Apache. I find Chris Matthews comments offensive however a perfect example of why Washington is at a standstill...)

Original Post:
Degenerate MSNBC host takes time off from his busy schedule of licking Barack Obama and sniffing Sarah Palin's underwear to warn America of the Commanche threat and describe Republicans as a bunch of "Happy Indians burning things down..."

HT: Bluegrass Pundit


Hondo69 said...

I should contact him and see if he meant American Indians or "West Indies" Indians. Surely he could clear things up quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hondo69, perhaps he was refering to soccer fans from Mumbai.

To all, if he was refering to Indians of the American variety, no one has burnt anything in a very long time, nor taken scalps. Of course, one look at Chris and you know he doesn't have to worry about the latter.

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