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Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's hard to view this film and not come away with a conviction never to hire, trust or associate with a Democrat again.

No one can watch this movie and leave the theatre without a profound sense of outrage at the calculated and choreographed attempt to destroy a good woman whose only crimes were to answer her country's call to service, work bravely and effectively for her constituents, and live by the values BOTH parties claim to desire.
It's not a question anymore of opinion or perspective. You watch Sarah saying what she said and doing what she did and you watch the jackals spreading their lies and filth about her. It's in front of you and you can't look away or change the channel or click to another website.

Yes, there are the obligatory talking heads, conservative pundits and members of her staff from her Alaska days, but the strength of this film is the irrefutable onscreen evidence of her actions and their results, and the irrefutable onscreen vileness, cowardice and hyposcrisy of those in both parties who tried to pull her down.
It's here, it's clear, deal with it.  See this movie.


RebeccaH said...

Sarah Palin and politicians like her are the hope of this country. Not that I expect them to be superhuman, or paragons of angelic virtue, but that I expect them to have seen clearly the corruption that's rotting our political class from the inside out, understand that it is a clear and present danger to our nation, and to act decisively to excise and disinfect it.

Bill589 said...

Palin has the truth on her side. The more that comes to light, the better for her. This is exactly the opposite for most of her opponents and especially Obama.

24,000 emails, and an independently made movie, say she is a hard working, capable, incorruptible, servant of the people. Sarah has the courage and tenacity to start and finish the job. We the people are the lucky ones to have her on our side.

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